Smart Thermostats

Update to Smart Heating Controls

Are you looking to update your heating controls and replace your existing programmers. We can help advise what Smart Heating Controls are suitable and provide a quote for the installation.

Smart Heating devices can be remotely controlled using mobile apps, so your heating control is at the touch of your finger tips. They can offer several advantages to conventional controls:

  • Remote control- Adjust heating or hot water setting from your phone, providing convenience and flexibility to suit your schedule and energy consumption
  • Energy Efficiency – Smart system often optimize heating based on usage and occupancy patterns
  • Learning capabilities – They can learn preferences over time and adjust setting for comfort and efficiency
  • Monitoring & Reporting – Energy usage reports can allow the user to make informed decisions to reduce energy consumption
  • Integration with other devices – Smart Hive heating may integrate with other smart heating devices, including smart plug and Lights, creating a cohesive and interconnected home automation ecosystem.