Air Source Heat Pump Installation

Air Source Heat Pumps & 'Hybrid' Air Source Heat Pump


To meet UK climate change targets we are looking at shifting away from fossil fuels to cleaner forms of energy.  Some home owners and business’s are looking to replace their old inefficient existing gas, oil or electric Boilers and install Air Source Heat pumps to improve energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact and achieve long term cost savings. Government Grants are  available to help fund the installation. Key Benefits Include:

  • Energy Efficiency –  ASHP’s can achieve up to 400% efficiencies
  • Costs Saving – High efficiency means lower energy bills
  • Environmental Impact – ASHP’s reduce green house gas emissions
  • Dual Functionality – ASHP’s can provide both Heating in winter & Cooling in Summer
  • Low Maintenance – ASHP’s are easier to maintain than a standard combustion system.
  • Safety: ASHP’s are safer than systems that burn fuel i.e. no CO emissions
  • Longevity -With correct maintenance they can last 15-20years
  • Quiet Operation -ASHP’s are designed to operate quiet & reduce noise pollution



For property owners looking for a gradual transition into renewable energy a Hybrid ASHP is a reliable solution. While stand alone ASHP’s are highly efficient and environmentally friendly, Hybrid ASHP systems maybe more suitable in certain properties and can offer additional benefits in terms of reliability and flexibility.

Hybrid ASHP system combines a air source heat pump with a traditional system, such as gas or oil boiler. They are a packaged system which offers a balanced approach to home heating combining the efficiency of the heat pumps with the reliability of traditional boilers, which can be used sparing.  Advantages of the Hybrid ASHP include:

  • Enhanced efficiency–  Optimal Efficiency with Seasonal adaptability
  • Environmental Benefits – Lower CO emissions
  • Enhanced Reliability In cold weather– when the ASHP declines the Boiler can ensure the home remains warm
  • Consistent Heating – The back boiler in a hybrid system ensure a reliable heat source during extreme cold spells or in colder climates
  • Increased comfort – The boiler will provide rapid heating when needed
  • Future proofing -Can maximise the use of renewable energy and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Adaptive to Home Technology – They are compatible with your smart home technology
  • Government Grants & Rebates – Hybrid systems may qualify for these grants and make them economically attractive



This is a government grant which offers £7,500 towards your air source heat pump installation. J E Dean can help you with your application.

Apply for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme_ Overview – GOV.UK.html