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Domestic Heating, Gas, Oil & Plumbing

Form follows function but is that always the case?

Knowledge, experience and insight can allow the two to work in perfect equilibrium – something seldom achieved. By truly understanding your property drivers, outside the immediacy of the project, we can unblock, simplify, bring clarity, add real value and bring fresh vigour to the design & build approach.

It used to be hidden but now often on show.

It’s usually a significant cost of the project and it’s so often misunderstood. At CubicWorks we know that not getting the Mechanical and Electrical services right can make or break a project. It’s why we occupy a very rare place in the market place, with over 50% of our colleagues having an M&E bias, however we are not an M&E business. We understand, control and deliver these all so important project aspects to a different level, so that we really can create that Form and Function equilibrium for you.

Our in-house AC Engineers, Electricians, Plumbers, Gas Engineers all combine with our aligned best in class Partners providing solutions specific for your needs.

Big data' is all around us but how does does it drive construction?

At CubicWorks we believe detailed analysis of everything we do and learning from this provides a differentiator to what can be a traditional industry. That’s why our processes and systems aren’t bolt on’s – they are our engine room and drive project success. We invest a significant amount in this are to learn continually for the benefit of your project.